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Why Rent from Us?

At Optima Enterprises Inc., we pride ourselves on providing excellent and professional customer service to our tenants.

Innovative Technology

With online access, tenants can securely access their rent account from anywhere in the world.

Online Applications

Applicants can apply online to any of our apartments. Approved applicants may transfer their application to another unit for no additional fee.

Equal Opportunity

At Optima Enterprises Inc., we never discriminate. Period.

Flexible Payments

We offer a variety of different payment options, including  ACH, credit card, and even electronic cash payments.

Electronic Leases

New tenants can sign leases electronically from anywhere in the world.

Clear Communication

We have a friendly staff that is available to address tenant needs via telephone and email.

Online Maintenance Requests

Tenants can easily submit a maintenance service request from their online account.

Mobile Friendly

Our online platforms are mobile friendly. Use your smartphone to apply for an apartment, sign a lease, make a rent payment, or submit a maintenance request.

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