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Get Immediate Answers to Frequently Asked Owner Questions

  • Do you manage all sized properties?
    Yes. We specialize in creating affordable, quality property management solutions for small to large residential properties and commercial properties.
  • Can you supervise, lease, maintain or renovate units on a short term basis?
    Yes. We are capable of managing, leasing or renovating your property for a short period of time and with short notice.
  • How do you calculate management fees?
    Our management fees could be based on a fixed rate or on a percentage of the the gross receipts collected such as rent, security deposits, late fees, NSF fees, laundry income, etc.
  • Do you markup repair and maintenance services provided by vendors?
    No. We never markup or charge a handling fee on services provided by our vendors. We believe this practice is unethical and in conflict with the ethical and moral standards established in the real estate industry.
  • How do you screen applicants?
    Each adult applicant receives a detailed list of rental requirements upon submitting the rental application. We always run a full credit and eviction report, and we verify employment and previous residencies. We request proof of income and a copy of a recent bank statement. We never accept applicants with evictions or bankruptcy records unless you specifically authorize it.
  • How many times do you inspect the property?
    We inspect your property every two weeks. We check the lighting, test timers and inspect the common areas for trash, graffiti and potential safety hazard issues. In addition to the regular inspections, our field manager inspects your property each time a maintenance request is submitted in order to follow up on the quality of work and to ensure completion.
  • Where do you advertise available rentals?
    Once a unit becomes available, we place a “For Rent” sign in the front of your property. We take professional pictures of the unit and post it on our website. Our website gets a lot of traffic through search engines and other online rental agencies. We also post ads on other online rental sites such as Westside Rentals,,,,,, Lovely, Realtor, Craigslist, RadPad, and many more.
  • When should I expect my monthly statement?
    A detailed monthly statement will be mailed to you on a monthly basis between the 15th and 20th of each month.
  • What is the Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP)?
    Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP) was established to guarantee, through systematic inspections, that those who reside in rental units in Los Angeles have a safe, livable space which meets the City & State codes for habitability. The SCEP affects tenants who reside in units within boundaries of the City of Los Angeles, including the neighborhoods of Hollywood, Marina del Rey, Palms, & Venice. As of 1/1/2005, and all subsequent years, a landlord may collect the annual SCEP fee (for units subject to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, RSO) from the tenant of the rental unit on a monthly or yearly basis.
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